ACTION ALERT: Downhill-only mountain bike trail proposed in Pogonip! Community Support Needed! Public Meeting! Write a Letter!

What: Downhill-only mountain bike trail in Pogonip proposed by City of Santa Cruz
How you can help: Attend Public Meeting
When: Tuesday February 7th at 7pm
Where:  City Council Chambers, 809 Center St #10, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Can’t make it? Write a letter! Details below…

The City of Santa Cruz is currently undergoing a master planning effort for its parks. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz has been working closely with City Parks and Recreation Staff on the plan. The proposed plan includes a progressive, directional, downhill, bike specific trail in Pogonip, the concept is to build a technical and rocky trail, geared to intermediate and advanced riders. The plan also provides for new multi-use trails in Pogonip, Harvey West, and Delaveaga parks to provide better connectivity to residential areas and trail network. Check out the Parks and Recreation Committee website for more information.

These proposed trails represent an unprecedented increase in legal mountain bike trail access, creating new riding opportunities accessible from town. The Parks and Recreation Department has recognized the need for legitimate trail access for mountain bikers. NOW it is up to us to show that we support these new trail ideas by letting the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Santa Cruz City Council know that this is what the mountain bike community wants.

Attend City Council Meeting!

Attend the joint Parks and Recreation Commission – City Council meeting on February 7th at 7pm. The meeting will be held at City Council Chambers, 809 Center St #10, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. This is the first step in the process to getting new trails built, it’s crucial that mountain bikers make a good showing at this meeting. Please attend to show your support. There will be opportunities for public comment. Expect that there will be people at this meeting casting a negative light on mountain bikers. It’s in our best interest to portray ourselves in a favorable light and keep the discussion positive. The meeting may last several hours with many other topics being covered but please tough it out! If you wish to speak (please do!) consider highlighting the following points:

  • Importance of mountain biking to you
  • The importance of Mountain Biking to local economy
  • Tourism
  • Bike Industry
  • Need for legal places to ride
  • Mountain biker’s great record with responsible stewardship
  • Emma McCrary Trail (which has over 80,000 trips a year)
  • Flow Trail
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Pump Tracks
  • Positive recreation opportunities for our residents, especially youth
  • Connectivity that proposed trails will provide
  • Reduced user conflict from separating users and spreading out traffic

Write a letter to the City Council ( and the Parks and Rec Commission ( voicing why you think the City should build more multi-use and bike specific trails. A personal message goes a long way, but if you don’t have the time please send this pre-written message.

Dear council members,

I am writing in support of the proposed additions of new trails to city parks and open spaces as outlined in the Parks and Recreation 2030 Master Plan staff report. Santa Cruz County currently has less than 40 miles of trails open to cyclists, while there are over 200 miles of trails open to pedestrians. The lack of legal mountain bike access is not fitting with Santa Cruz’s status as a world renowned destination for mountain bikers and as a hub for the cycling industry. Mountain biking is an integral part of the culture of Santa Cruz as evidenced by the ever growing number of local riders, increase in mountain bike tourism and the extensive stewardship efforts undertaken by the mountain biking community.

Please approve the proposed increased trail access for cyclists in City Parks and Open Spaces including:

  • A progressive, directional, downhill, bike-specific trail in Pogonip
  • New multi-use trails in Pogonip, Harvey West, and Delaveaga parks to provide better connectivity to residential areas and trail network 

These improvements will increase the quality of life in our community by providing additional venues for positive outdoor recreation in our public spaces.

Thank you for your consideration. 


[Your name here] [City of residence]

Thanks for your support!