Tom Wilson: Volunteer of the Month

Tom Wilson has been a dedicated volunteer for many years, beginning with the construction of Emma McCrary Trail. Tom has also participated in our Crew Leader Training course and leads crews on Dig Days. Tom comes to nearly every Dig Day, always offering to pick up coffee or help out. Beyond that, Tom’s business, Geo H. Wilson, serves as the home for the MBoSC tool trailer, wheelbarrows, trail leader training classrooms, tool cleaning parties, and occasionally barbecues. We at Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz truly could not set out to accomplish the completion of our projects and operations without people like Tom.

Hey Tom, how are you doing today?  I am ready for the weekend!  TGF!

How old were you when you started riding bikes?  +/- 9 years old, Schwinn Sting Ray.

How long have you been riding in Santa Cruz?  >52 years

How often do you get to ride?  I commute to work, so at least 6 days and often 7.

What’s your favorite trail these days?  Emma McCrary

If you could change one thing about riding in Santa Cruz, what would that be?  Improve the level of respect for the trails and other riders.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the future of riding in Santa Cruz?  The numerous possibilities for connector Trails in Pogonip, Harvey West and Delaveaga Parks.  In addition, the North Coast potential is stunning.

Who’s your favorite riding buddy or crew?  I frequently ride with a diverse group, ZBC, that meets for Breakfast on Sundays and then ventures off for a ride.

What’s your dream ride day look like? A day of cross country riding followed by a session at the Pub with friends.

What was your favorite MTB trip?  Camping in San Luis Obispo for volunteer work with CCCCB and exploring the trails of The Irish Hills and Montana Del Oro.

Where are you going next?  Perhaps a road trip to Fort Ord due to the wet conditions.  I am open to the possibilities!


Thank you, Tom!