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Join us on our mission to maintain, build, and advocate for sustainable trails.

Our mission is carried out through the leadership of our local professional trail crew, who are funded by a combination of grants, race entry fees, raffle fundraising, and important donations received through MBOSC membership. Membership is an essential funding source that enables MBOSC to maintain and build the trails you enjoy today.

Membership is important to our existence—here is what it helps pay for:

  • Support MBOSC operating costs including insurance, planning, staff employment, and advocacy for more trails;
  • Fund trail restoration, maintenance, and construction projects;
  • Reward our hardworking trail volunteers with food, beverages, and good times; and
  • Engage local community in the environment

Simply put, we cannot do this without our members and volunteers who are the backbone of our organization.


MBOSC is a chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). Our membership dues are administered and shared with IMBA to support advocacy and legal representation on the local, national, and international level.

When you join MBOSC/IMBA we can all work together to provide more mountain biking opportunities for everyone. You make our collective voice stronger and help increase our power whenever we work with elected officials and land managers.

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