Recap: A Very Productive Dig Day with Another Bike Shop!

We had around 40 volunteers show up Saturday, 4/15, ready to haul 10 or more wheelbarrow loads down U-Conn. Together we completed two drainage lenses and armored several parts of the trail. It was a hard Dig Day, and Another Bike Shop rewarded our volunteers with a hearty raffle. See full photo album by volunteer Bruce Dorman here!

Big thanks to Verve Coffee Roasters for getting us energized, Velocity Bike Park for keeping the spring in our step, and New Bohemia Brewing for the post-work libations!

See full calendar here, with updates on upcoming trail work opportunities, and MBOSC events, such as our 20th Anniversary Party. Of course, the best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for our mailing list.

Recap: 3/25 Epicenter Cycling Dig Day on EMT a Big Success!

Folks, we wanted to take a moment to herald our work this weekend on Emma McCrary Trail in Pogonip. We had about 60 volunteers come out to the work day and there wasn’t a moments rest- together we completed two culverts at the base of the trail. Although the trail has been running wonderfully (despite the rain), you may have noticed a pesky ditch near the gate. The addition of these culverts, or pipes under the trail, will guide water to appropriate drains, so you can keep riding (and not sliding)!

Please head over to our facebook to see Bruce Dorman’s beautiful photos documenting the day.

Thank you to Epicenter Cycling for sponsoring the work day and giving $10 Epicenter Bucks to every volunteer!

And of course our awesome sponsors Velocity Bike Parks for keeping us fed, Verve Coffee Roasters for energizing us, Praxis Works for sweet raffle prizes, and New Bohemia Brewing Co for bringing the funk!

Lest we not forget our biggest thanks is to you: the best volunteers ever. Thank you for showing up!


Recap: Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Meeting

Last night’s special joint session of the Santa Cruz City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission overflowed from City Council Chambers into the neighboring Civic Auditorium. MBoSC would like to extend a huge thank you to those of you that attended to show and voice your support for the Draft Parks and Recreation 2030 Master Plan, which contains recommendations for new multi-use and mountain bike specific trails in City Parks. Our strong showing was clearly noted by Council and the Parks Commission. Mountain bikers dominated both written correspondence leading up to the meeting and comments during the meeting.  more “Recap: Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Meeting”