Next General Meeting: 2/22 at Cycle Works

We are excited to announce our next general meeting will be a barbecue held at Cycle Works on Mission Street on Wednesday, February 22nd at 6:30pm. Come on out to hear the latest and greatest from Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. We are switching things up- our general meetings will ensue as social gatherings with good food and refreshments from New Bohemia Brewery, of course! We can’t wait to see you!

ACTION ALERT: Downhill-only mountain bike trail proposed in Pogonip! Community Support Needed! Public Meeting! Write a Letter!

What: Downhill-only mountain bike trail in Pogonip proposed by City of Santa Cruz
How you can help: Attend Public Meeting
When: Tuesday February 7th at 7pm
Where:  City Council Chambers, 809 Center St #10, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Can’t make it? Write a letter! Details below… more “ACTION ALERT: Downhill-only mountain bike trail proposed in Pogonip! Community Support Needed! Public Meeting! Write a Letter!”

A Message From Our Trail and Business Manager Matt De Young On Wet Weather Riding Etiquette


Wet Weather Riding Etiquette

Hi folks,

You may have noticed that this winter has been significantly wetter than those in recent years, as such it’s a good time to brush up on some wet-weather riding etiquette. Here are a few things that will keep you out of the mud and minimize your impact on the trails and environment.

1. If your tire is leaving an imprint on the trail, it is too wet to ride. A tire imprint on a wet trail is the first step to a rut, or mud hole. Please realize that someone, a trail builder, a volunteer, or parks staff will have to take the time to smooth out your tracks and repair winter trail damage.

2. Respect seasonal trail closures – State Parks and UCSC post trail closures when conditions are too wet for public access. Please respect these postings. UCSC Natural Reserve staff have requested that trail users respect and avoid the closures, especially those at the meadows around Marshall Fields and the Seven Springs Trail(s) through the Forest Ecology Research Plot. Soquel Demonstration State Forest is temporarily closed while CAL FIRE inventories and addresses storm damage.

3. Be strategic about where you choose to ride if it has been raining. Trails through flat areas don’t drain very well and are susceptible to becoming muddy quagmires. Trails across steeper side slopes drain much better. Steeper is better when it has been raining a lot. Soil type plays a big part in a trail’s ability to drain. A fire road armored with rock is a much better alternative to a flatish dirt trail. Sandier trails dry out the quickest. Taking a trip to Ft. Ord or riding in sandier areas is a great option.

4. Don’t ride around puddles-ride through them. If you find yourself facing a puddle on the trail, ride though it. Riding around it will lead to widening of the trail. Keep singletrack single.

5. Sometimes it is just too wet to ride trails. Dust off your road bike, rebuild your bottom bracket, read a book, be a well-rounded human…

6. Do trail work. The wet season is our trail work season here in Santa Cruz. Volunteer with MBoSC on the trails. Check out upcoming opportunities below.

Make good choices out there this winter folks!


Matt De Young
MBoSC Trail and Business Manager

A Pump Track for Watsonville

Santa Cruz has already realized the benefits of pump tracks in just a few years; safer and more confident riders, explosive talent development particularly among youth, and opportunities for individuals to help develop public recreation resources with their time, labor and funds.

Now it’s Watsonville’s turn. MBoSC has been plugging away at developing a pump track for Watsonville for nearly two years and it seems that we have gained traction with both the pro-bike Mayor Felipe Hernandez and the Parks and Recreation office there.

Be sure to keep checking our email updates for the announcement of building and funding opportunities in Watsonville in the next month as we nail down site and design specifics with the city of Watsonville’s team!

Blazing Environmentally Sound Trails- Hilltromper

“Flying over jumps, zooming around redwood trees on a wheel’s edge and pushing the limits of endurance is what Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz lives for. Since 1996, the organization’s Saturday “weekly ride” has toured the prime mountain biking trails that Santa Cruz County has to offer, with an emphasis on welcoming all levels.”

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