Who We Are

We are recreational riders, trail builders, racers, bike industry professionals, and general mountain bike nuts who promote legal and sustainable mountain biking.




Matt De Young

Executive Director – matt@mbosc.org

I first got involved with MBOSC as a volunteer shortly after moving to Santa Cruz in 2012. My background in trail construction and an obsession with knobby-tired recreation has kept me involved in most MBOSC initiatives since then. I helped out with the construction of the Emma McCrary Trail, Mountain Bike Festival, Super Enduro, and then joined MBOSC as a staff trail builder during the construction of the Soquel Demonstration State Forest (SDSF) Flow Trail. Its been a great experience. I am amazed to see how far we have come in the past few years. The opportunities for new trail access in Santa Cruz County are greater than at any point in recent history, and we as mountain bikers are well positioned to help realize these possibilities.


Ben Cook

Trails Specialist

I moved to Santa Cruz in 2011 and have been here long enough now that I’m running into people I know at the grocery store. So I guess I’m becoming a local, which is a great feeling. Santa Cruz has provided me with a bunch of unique opportunities including a way to give back to the community as a trails specialist with MBOSC. I’m proud to be making a contribution to this great community by designing, building, and maintaining our local trails.


Emma Ussat

Marketing, Events, Sponsorship -sponsors@mbosc.org

I’ve spent the majority of my life running and mountain biking on the trails in Santa Cruz County.  Being on the trail is being in my natural habitat. I started volunteering with MBOSC 3 years ago and have been happily digging whenever I can; it’s the smallest thanks I can give. From volunteering to working for an organization that is aligned with my passions has been a dream come true!


Brian Barnhart

Pump Track and Dirt Jump Specialist

I’m a photographer, trail builder, BMX trail rider. I love all bikes. I grew up building and riding BMX, dirt jumping trails in the woods of Pennsylvania. I moved to Santa Cruz in 2014. I ride steel bikes, FBM and Surly. My favorite tools are the flat shovel, leaf rake and rogue hoe. I enjoy photographing bicycle culture. My MBOSC jobs have been the Harvey West build and on-going maintenance.



Board of Directors:


John Leckrone

President – president@mbosc.org

I distinctly remember the first time I rode a bike without training wheels. It was pure magic. I’ve had a 40+ year love affair with bikes; riding them, building and working on them, talking about them, and hanging out with folks who share my passion. I’ve done all sorts of riding, but my heart really is in the mountains. As a Bay Area native, I also grew up with a deep appreciation for the incredible place we live. It wasn’t until I came out for a Dig Day on the Flow Trail that I found a way to marry my passion for bikes and the land with my professional background, which has been almost entirely dedicated to helping organizations grow to fulfill really big dreams. MBOSC is a collection of amazing people who’ve organized to legitimize our sport and to give something meaningful back to our community. My passion for riding hasn’t waned one bit, but now I’m equally passionate about helping people discover the same journey that I’ve been on to become a steward and not just a rider.



James Clark

Vice President – vicepresident@mbosc.org

James has 18 years of experience with trail development in all areas of Canada, at local, provincial and National levels. James moved to California a few years back and got involved with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. His day job is now overseeing International Mountain Bike Associations trail projects internationally.

As an avid mountain biker, cross country skier and adventurer James has spent most of his life surrounded by trails and the great outdoors.



Ben Wolfe

Treasurer – treasurer@mbosc.org

As a kid my parents ran a grocery store in Beach Flats, and our home was on the Westside, just a few pedal strokes from the UCSC campus and Wilder, so I know this town like the back of my hand.  I have cruised all over this town but it has only been in the past four years that I have really gotten out in the dirt. During this segment of my life, as I appreciate the trails and mountain bike community here, I realized how important it is to be an active contributor to the network of trails I love and to be involved in the process of developing more. I’m a CPA with 25 years experience in big and small companies, so when my friends introduced me to MBOSC I could definitely put two and two together and see how my professional skills could help.  I’m excited to help MBOSC make the absolute most of its resources and make sure we are a financially solid, sustainable organization.



Virginia Vaquero

Secretary – secretary@mbosc.org

I was a passionate lover of all things bicycling but a timid mountain biker when I  joined MBOSC as Board Secretary. I used to go mountain biking in the ‘90s with boyfriends who always brought me home bruised and bloody after  jaunts in Wilder Ranch. In 1999, I sold my mountain bike and road bike and bought a one-way ticket to New York City to pursue a classical voice career which later took me to Europe.  After several years, I moved back to the U.S., bought my aunt’s old Lemond, and began riding again.  Wanting to really understand bike mechanics, I attended United Bicycle Institute in Portland, Ore. to become certified as a master wheel builder and mechanic. I began working at Spokesman Bicycles in 2013 when they sponsored me to become a bicycle fitter. I’ve completed three Ironmans, many Half Ironmans, Double Centuries, and Ultraman Canada 2013. This past summer I rode my fully loaded touring bike solo 5,000 miles across the northern states of the U.S. I love community and joined MBOSC when I learned what MBOSC is doing to build a more inclusive sense of community for all walks of life through the bike parks and trails. These trails unite more than just the hills and parks of Santa Cruz but also people, the citizens of Santa Cruz County.



Andrew Murray

Officer – andrew@mbosc.org

I have been a resident of Santa Cruz for over 50 years, and have been mountain biking since the mid ‘80s.  I work as a human resource consultant.  Fifteen years ago I  caught the racing bug, and have participated in well over 100 mountain bike races, including podium finishes at Sea Otter Classic, have raced and finished the Leadville 100, and numerous other cross country and endurance events. I joined the board of directors of MBOSC because I think the local terrain and trails that we have here in Santa Cruz need both protection and responsible development and I want to be a part of that.



Dan O’Connor

Officer – dano@mbosc.org

I grew on the Westside and have been living in Santa Cruz for 42 years. I began riding UCSC when there were only fire roads and two trails. I fell in love with the sport and community in general. I started racing mountain bikes when I was 18 and had the bug from then on. I was lucky enough to transition my racing to working in the industry and have been in the bike industry for 18 years,  the last 12 at Santa Cruz Bikes. I’m excited to be a part of MBOSC and give back wherever I can. I’ve been really impressed to see what MBOSC has done, and knowing the potential is even more exciting.



Wade Hall

Officer – wade@mbosc.org

I asked my high school counselor how to get in the bike industry and I’ve now been in it for 38 years! I worked in bike shop jobs from 1979 to 1988, became a Specialized Bikes territory rep from 1988 to 1998,  and have owned Spokesman Bicycles in downtown Santa Cruz since 1998. I currently split time as a lecturer for UC San Francisco at the Medicine of Cycling Symposium and also as a bike industry fitting educator.


Drew Perkins

Trails Officer – trails@mbosc.org

I grew up in the East Bay suburbs where I began mountain biking and then promptly quit after having generally horrible experiences on rutted, steep, cow-trodden fire roads. While in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I discovered mountain biking was actually fun so I joined the cycling team and lost 30 pounds. I also started attending the excellent trail maintenance days put on by the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers. My new-found love of the outdoors led me to switch majors from engineering to Natural Resource Management. I eventually came to Santa Cruz County to pursue a master’s degree in Forest Hydrology while working at Cal Poly’s Swanton Pacific Ranch. While in Santa Cruz, I occasionally joined the monthly trail-work crew at Wilder Ranch, and also helped my neighbors Bud and Emma McCrary build some trails in Swanton right around the time the City of Santa Cruz proposed the Pogonip Multi-use Trail. Armed with a bit of experience and knowledge of trail building, I decided to volunteer to help the city parks department with planning the trail. After many, many hours hiking around Pogonip and even more learning everything about trail design and construction, I ended up being hired by the city to oversee the construction of the trail. After the Emma McCrary Trail opened in 2013, I  became MBOSC’s first employee and supervised the design and construction of the SDSF Flow Trail. I currently make a living building trails and have been involved in trail construction projects in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Alaska.



Brian Peterson

Bike Parks Committee Lead – bsprouts@gmail.com

Brian started his cycling life in the BMX Freestyle world. He spent nearly 20 years riding dirt jumps, ramps, street, and flatland. He gave up team sports to ride every day. He competed in contests and published a BMX related ‘zine. Eventually, his cycling career took a turn and he focused on road and track racing. During that time he managed to win a few Masters National Titles on the velodrome. He also served as president and board member of Alto Velo, one of the countries largest racing clubs. After his time with Alto Velo, Brian served as president and on the board of the Northern California Velodrome Association – the group responsible for operating the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. Years of hard training and racing gave way to a desire to return to more “fun” riding and Brian began to focus on mountain biking and relearning how to dirt jump. He could not help but become involved in Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, and currently serves as the Chair of the Bike Parks Committee.